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 book of mythos #1-??

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PostSubject: book of mythos #1-??   book of mythos #1-?? Icon_minitimeFri Jan 04, 2008 2:14 pm

Many myths, legends, lies and facts surround our world and we should be able to tell them apart. We shall look at the evolution of our land from the coming of Tolac to our present year.

.... The Great God Tolac, The Sleeper as some know him, came down from the heaven and insiled life into the great races of the day. The elves rose from there slumber in the woods while the dwarves in there great mountains began there mining into the deep places of the world. Across the plains Gnomes and halflings traveled, meeting with the woodland creatures and battling the newly sprung beasts. In the heart of the world great men came up and begun there journey through the lands searching for a place to call there home.

....To the South of the World, there is a desert land known as the 'Plains of Fire' because the desert is a harsh, unforgiving land of extreme heat...and war. For so many years, a host of demons has waged war on the people that call this land home....

The people of this land are extremely hardy, for they live in this wild land, and spend their lives in battle against unholy beasts. Along the northern edge of thsi desert lies mountain ranges that block all entrance except by one opening, where the people have built what is called the 'Gate of Fire'.

In the heart of the 'Plains of Fire' lies a unholy citadel where the demons have taken lair, and use to keep a grip on the land. For countless ages, none have been able to emerge victorious...the people have never united to drive out the foe completely, and the demons are simply not strong enough to win a decisive victory.

Tide appears to turn, however, because a nameless holy man has appeared in the land, and has been attempting to rally the people of the plains for one final battle

(rarer book of mythos) (#3)
The Western Continent: Land of the Rising Sun

Across the Great Ocean, on the Western edge of the world, lies a place known only as The Land of Eternal War to people of the other lands.

For the past thousands of years...prehaps indeed since the people of this land came into being, there has been un-ending war. In this land, the people do not worship Tolac, Aurus, or, they have never heard of them in fact, largely due to the fact they are seperated form the rest of the world by the Great Ocean. They instead have a polytheistic worship...they recognize the elements and the abstract powers as their gods, and fight the other churchs to make their god ruler of the land.

There has been an unending stalemate between the various factions, as each church has what they call their god's individual endowed with powers their deity represents, and everytime a champion is killed, another takes his place witihn a few days. The church of death has never witness the coming of their champion, but they hold their own untill the day he comes in glory to wipe away their opponents. However, recently a group called the Order of the Rising Sun (an idea for a players guild, prehaps?) has been trying to unite the land under one banner. There are reports that this movement worships the god of death, but this has never been confirmed....

The land is called "Land of the Rising Sun" because at day when the sun rises, it hits this land first, and there is always sun light on some part of this continent, even if there is noght on another side, because of its unique positioning.
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book of mythos #1-??
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