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Here is what we have so far...remember nothing is set in stone so if there is something you don't agree on post for discussion.


A small poem/story of a women’s fight between a forsaken (an undead that has its own free will to be whatever it wants) and a scourge (an undead that is bound by its race/master to turn others into undead)

I stand on the edge of a precipice. I am on the edge of my mind.

Between purpose and obedience.

Between the Forsaken and the Scourge.

I was Voyde Walker. I was a hopeful young scout who went after her beloved prince on a mad crusade that sealed the fate of a kingdom, the destiny of empires, and the future of the world.

In Northrend, the drama of my living days played its final scene:

I was lost there. Alone. So insignificant. I died. The frost and the nerubians claimed me. They cast my broken body into the ocean. Gulls ate out my eyes. The sea salt eroded my skin. Fish feasted on my limbs. I was killed MANY times. Yet I lived.

Voyde lived. She was too full of life to give up. She lied to herself. She saw an illusion. She was a scared little girl who was terrified of losing her dream world. She had never grown up.

Yet that vision faded and only my base emotions remained. My fear. My love. My anger. And now. They are fading also.

But what is Forsaken, but emotion?

A storm is approaching. I will brave the winds. Frankly, the terror I once felt about losing my dream world pales in comparison to the terror I feel now.

I never ask this of anyone. I am loathe to do so. But I may need assistance... if I fail, and forget. And I shall need assistance if you fail to make me remember. In that case, you must slay me, lest I become Scourge.

Wish me luck. I am turning to face my demons now.


...and thus there will be two more, one with a heart so black that even Death will not stop him, and the other one so light that he himself will become it. Avatars of these two powers shall rise on the day of power and great magic in a time to come. Battle as their fathers do in an everlasting dule until the great wave comes.

Which of course could refer to many different for instance, the coming of Nessus, and Aurus, or maybe something...more...
and by great wave I don't intentionaly mean it litteraly. It could just be the PC's who stop them or something else...


Book of potions and there magical effects

Page 1

Greetings young one! I see you have decided to delve into the misticle realm of potions. This book contains all the knowledge you could want about the different potions of the world. Good luck and remember know what you drinking before drinking!

Thousandth year potion
+4 will saves
+3 INT
+1 to DC spell save

This potion was created by a group of wizards who wanted to prolong the magical benifits of the thousandth year. This potion is only a minor effect of the actual year however it is still potent enough to boost any young mages power.


Guide to speaking elvish

Greetings, I am glad you have stumbled along this little book and it warms my heart to know that you wish to learn some common phrases of the elves. So many times have have things ended before they have even begun because people did not know how to greet an elf or appoligise to them, but no more for now you have the power to do so. So I bid you a fond farewell from being a useless troll and a warm greeting into the elvish language.

Page 1

Greeting an elf in his own language is thought of as very polite and it would do you well to know at least a few ways of saying Hi. Use these as a way of greeting them or returning the greeting.

Good (day/morning/afternoon/evening): Quel (re/amrun/andune/undome)
Greetings (everyone) : Vedui’ (il’er) Hail Aaye
It has been too long : Nae saian luume’
My heart sings to see thee : Cormamin lindua ele lle
Pleasure meeting you : Saesa omentien lle
Well met : Mae govannen

When saying goodbye to an elf it is always polite to say then bow and wait for a return farewell. After you have been given one you are free to leave. Use these as a way of saying goodbye.

Fair winds : Vanya sulie
Farewell : Namaarie
Good (day/afternoon/evening/night) : Quel (re/andune/lome/du)
Good hunting : Quel fara
May the leaves of your life tree never turn brown : Aa’ lasser en lle coia orn n' omenta gurtha
May the wind fill your sails : Aa’ i’sul nora lanne’lle
May thy paths be green and the breeze on thy back : Aa’ menle nauva calen ar’ ta hwesta e’ ale’quenle
May your ways be green and golden : Aa’ menealle nauva calen ar’ malta My heart shall weep until it sees thee again : Cormamin niuve tenna’ ta elea lle au’
Rest well : Quel esta
Sleep well : Quel kaima
Sweet water and light laughter till next we meet : Lissenen ar’ maska’lalaith tenna’ lye omentuva
Until later (then) : Tenna’ telwan (san’)
Until next we meet : Tenna’ ento lye omenta
Until then : Tenna’ san’
Until tomorrow (then) : Tenna’ tul’re (san’)


a kid ryhme

three goblins stuck on a rock
one found a hole
two found a bubble
and three sweept out to sea


New book on Undead

The spark theory by Borruk Cys'varil, High Wizard of Kas

Ever Wondered where the undead came from, why they arose in the first place. A question asked by many and answered through many years of careful study at the temples of Kas.

What is the spark theory?
The spark theory is, many belive to be the reason for the coming of the undead. It states that within every creature their are one of either two types of energy. Positive or negative. Everything that is 'naturally born' has positive energy within it, even the foul creatures of the lower planes. Everything that onced lived such as zombies, skeletons and liches have negative energy.

What does this have to do with anything?
Well the origin of the undead can be traced if the theory is correct. As a creature with positive energy dies that energy changes into negative energy. This change in energy expands outwards and can explain why people may feel a 'chill' or candles move with an erry light. If the chnage is energy is strong enough, which it very rarly is, the body may animate and become an undead.
This however does not explain the rise of the undead. I have studied the death and change of energyies within people for many years and none of them have risen. As I have said, the energy change radiates outwards which can cause a chain effect on other people.

Chained spark effects?
Imagin a huge battle field. Thousands of men are dead and at the same time cause a expansion of energy, as positive changes to negative. Two of these fields cross and expand together over a larger area. this large field comes into contact with other fields and so on and so on until a massive negative field is produced and then sudenly that energy flows back to their respective bodies however ten times as powerful. this is the Chained spark effect, and has the power to create many thousand undead.

Westerling Speech
(This should be in a book that is only found in the western land)

English letter : Westerling Equivalent

A : A
B : P
C : T
D : V
E : EL
F : B
G : WH
H : R
I : I
J : M
K : XI
L : H
M : S
N : C
O : O
P : Q
Q : D
R : N
S : L
T : Y
U : O
V : JH
W : F
X : IH
Y : Z
Z : K

Deep in the heart of the Great libray, down in the vaults, there is a rumor of a book so great in power, that only one man has read it, The mysterious Profit, who even is a rumor. When I took the job of junior Libraian, I didn't realize there were vaults, but I guess books are a powerful thing....

(torn sheet found in the Mythos of Arun #1)
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Books of Aurn
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