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 BOOK: The War of Yaquazil

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PostSubject: BOOK: The War of Yaquazil   BOOK: The War of Yaquazil Icon_minitimeWed Apr 30, 2008 9:41 am

Written by: Zentaros of the Lost, circa 3rd age.

Long before the present day races and peoples had settled in the realm of Aurn, there was strife and turmoil the likes of which had seldom been seen. Before the start of the 4th age, a terrible Demon Lord Nessus settled in and built a city of horrors called Xaos inside Yaquazil. The city was like a factory of death and destruction, and those foolhardy enough to venture close to its blood-soaked walls did not walk the soil again.

At the start of the 3rd age, five years after Xaos was built, the Demon Lord brought his army to the mighty city of Zanderhall and crushed it in a battle that lasted 21 years. Thousands of the cityís finest defenders were crushed under the columns of pure flame that Nessus and his minions cast up from the bowels of hell. And even though they fought valiantly, the forces of righteousness and justice could not hold out forever. Those that did not flee secretly were brutally killed by the Demons, and many were taken back to Xaos as slaves before ultimately dying at the hands of Nessus or one of his many underlings.

However, like night must eventually make way for day; the Demon Lord is eventually defeated. The great Gideon emerged from the heavens and drove the Demon Lordís army back. This marked the inevitable end of a reign that lasted many years, but was crushed in less than one, and marks a great day in the history of Aurn.
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BOOK: The War of Yaquazil
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